Till It's Time to Head East

Up the Flint Hills Road till it's time to head east. Cross at the Atchison bridge to the Eastside of Missouri. Next time will fly the Lewis and Clark flag up the Mississippi to the Rockies

First One of the Day

That was the magic moment I pulled up got out of the car walked over took picture and now they're gone. Back in there Heidihole. And now no wish.


PEACE or decadent orgies.

Just back in the car and drive the Flinthills

The Battle of Adobe Walls

With a roadside plaques and tell of Kit Carson's last fight with the Indians at the Battle of Adobe Walls And same day as my birthday 1864. He bought Kiowa Comanche a Colonel in the US Army

Driving the High Plains Drifter.

Cowboys crossing the Canadian River,   dry and overgrown waiting for flood.

Settlers digging legs from Buffalo wallows in the first well to going and on the 6666 ranch.

The new tank farms with their moat to protect us from the spill.

Watched Two Old Ladies Beat the Band on Cameras.

The camera woman white balances the shot while the card woman got two cards placed one on the white wall using the second card to hold the bottom took the picture replaced the cards.

You could tell they were practiced team no hesitation

No wasted movement