• Founder. GINJU-AN, An Artists' Cooperative, St. Louis, MO 2014
  • Founder/Director. Mrs. MacCormick's Yard. Installation and Performance Space, St. Louis, MO 2007-present
  • Founder/Owner/Designer. Tuskdog Productions/Excellence in Art and Architecture. St. Louis, MO 1974-present
  • Founding member and Archivist. Artica Festival. St. Louis, MO 2001-present
  • Director of Dance Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation/Dance Medicine Clinic. Department of Dance. Webster University. St. Louis, MO 2009-present
  • Proprietor, Performing Arts Medicine, St. Louis, MO 1985-present
  • Presenter/Educator. Performing Arts Medicine, International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, Performing Arts Medical Association. 1986-present
  • House Doctor, Dance St. Louis, MO 2001-2014
  • Company physician, GASH/VOIGT Dance Theater; Russia, Turkey, Greece tours, 1997-1999
  • Board member, aTrek Dance Company, St. Louis, MO 1996-1998
  • Executive Board Member, Art St. Louis, MO 1994-1995


  • Dance Medicine Certification. Harkness Center for Dance, Hospital of Bone and Joint Disease. Columbia University. New York, NY 2004
  • Ink Brush Painting. Hunan Normal University. Changsha, China 2000
  • Diplomate in Sports Medicine. Logan College. St. Louis, MO 1989
  • Doctor of Chiropractic. Logan College. St. Louis, MO 1987
  • MFA, Multi-Media. Washington University. St. Louis, MO 1974
  • MA, Weaving. Pittsburg University. Pittsburg, KS 1972
  • BFA, Ceramics & Printmaking. Pittsburg University. Pittsburg, KS 1971


  • Guest Resident Artist. Laban Dance Conservatory. Greenwich, England 2016
  • Contemporary Art Museum. St. Louis, MO. Studio Visits.
    • Creative Time. Nate Thompson, Director. 2009
    • Project Row House. Rick Lowe. 2007
  • Flat File. Contemporary Art Museum. 2005, 2004, 2003



  • EBOLA SURF CLUB. Paste-up, spray-paint, markers. 2015
  • 100 Years [in spray paint]. 2012
  • Illa May the Dragonfly, parade float. Pop-up Artica Parade. Cherokee Street, 2012
  • Some Are Guilty, All Are Responsible, latex paint. 2011
  • Hazus and the Wisemen Act I: Hazus Broken, Waiting To Be Held By His Lover. Native grass, maple saplings, aprons, cloth, wire, fire. 2010
  • Apron Shanty II. VW Westfalia, aprons, aluminum. 2009
  • Sleeping on the Levee in The Apron Shanty. VW Westphalia, aprons, driftwood, action figures, mushrooms. 2008
  • Sorrow Dolmen. Latex paint, mattresses, limestone, rubble. 2007
  • Train Piece, Rosa Parks in Lights. Spray enamel, paste-up. 2006
  • Charles and Chalot Haven't Been Since the Black Maria. Spray paint, markers. 2005
  • Charles and Chalot, Homeless, Sleep Under the Wedding Photos. Paste-up, found photos, VW Westphalia, wicker, quilts, clothes, found wood. 2004

Mrs. MacCormick's Yard

  • Chautauqua Art Lab. 2012
  • Color Palette. 2nd Annual Installation Invitational. Found dresses. 2009
  • Faded Paper Wedding Photos in the Wedding Tent. Wedding photos, inkjet prints, cloth, tree limbs. 2007
  • Charles and Chalot Live at Mrs. MacCormick's Now, mixed media. 2007

St. Lou Fringe Festival

  • Improvisational Set Piece. Grand Center. 2016
  • They Paint Crosses on Their Shoes. 2016
  • Yellow Spot, bamboo, aprons. 2015
  • BLACK SURF. Mobile arts platform, paste-up, bamboo, canvas. 2015
  • Conversations With the Devil. Multi-layered, real-time video. 2014
  • Pinhole in a Window Shade. Mobile installation and performance platform, video, spray paint. 2013
  • She Died So U Would Know. Digital prints, markers, found cloth. 2013

Regional Arts Commission/Contemporary Art Museum

  • PANTS of PARTICLE ENTANGLEMENT. Pants exhibit. Regional Arts Commission Gallery. 2015
  • eARThworks. Found cloth, color copies, rice paste. Regional Arts Commission Gallery. 2001
  • Flat File. Contemporary Art Museum. 2005, 2004, 2003


  • Aunty Shakespeare, performance. Festival Wuma the First, Winona, MN 2006
  • Structured Improv for Seven Dancers and a Piano. PAMA Conference. Aspen, CO. 2002
  • Ancients in the Armory. Cotton, found clothes, stencil, photo-transfer, tent, aluminum. Royal Armory. Istanbul, Turkey. 2000
  • Death Valley Classic, 40 Day Fast by Billy X. Curmano. Video, photography, performance. Museum of Modern Art. New York City 2000
  • Headlands to the Gulf, Mississippi Swim by Billy X. Curmano. Video, photography. Museum of Modern Art. New York City 1997
  • Videographer. GASH/VOIGT Dance Theater. Russia, Turkey, Greece tours. 1997-1999

Street/Pop-up Art

  • Dragon Float. Anonymous public art mobile platform. Gay Pride Parade. St. Louis, MO 2014
  • Bull Float, anonymous public art mobile platform, Peoples Joy Parade, St. Louis, MO 2014
  • 2+4, anonymous public art project, Mud House, St. Louis, MO 2014
  • Open Carry Black & White, paste-up installation, found photo, rice paste, St. Louis, MO 2014
  • Nebraska on Cherokee, large-format photos, Red Chair Gallery, St. Louis, MO 2014
  • Texino Neutrino, Ride the Glitter Log. Street Installation. Found poster, glitter, paint. 2013
  • Ila May Says Roseanne Rocks and the Weasel Too. Street Installation. Found drawings on vinyl, marking paint, markers. 2012
  • Mother Mary and the Mystic Rose, maple saplings, dresses, truck. Anonymous Public Art Touring Series, St. Louis, MO 2011
  • 27 Variations on Streets of Laredo/Bard of Armon, sound installation, iPod, portable speakers. Mobile Anonymous Public Art Series, St. Louis, MO 2010
  • 12 versions of Seven Spanish Angels, sound installation, iPod, portable speakers. Mobile Anonymous Public Art Series, St. Louis, MO 2010
  • Refrigerator Dance, paste-up, color photo. Jefferson Avenue and Arsenal Avenue, Drive-by Art Series. St. Louis, MO 2007
  • Love and Death. Icons. Paste-up, mixed media. Jefferson Avenue and Arsenal Avenue. St. Louis, MO. 2001

Sets [Theatrical]

  • Where Am I? by Kate Cleary. Homegrown prairie grass, folding panels, rolling door. 2009
  • Dine on Dance. Dawn Karlovsky and Friends. 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005


  • Requiem for the Trees: Harvesting Trees With a Clown. GINJU-AN. 2016
  • Dr. Bills DadaZen and Friends. An Evening of Experimental Video. Duet Gallery. 2014
  • Into the Light. The Helix Effect. Sequential stills. Duet Gallery. 2014
  • Conversations With the Devil. Multi-layered, real-time video. St. Lou Fringe. 2014
  • STIX, The Penny Eyed Man. Real-time video. St. Lou Fringe. 2014
  • Road to Sarah Paulson's Brain. Sequential stills. Nebraska. 2014
  • God's Breath. Sequential movie stills. 2014
  • Great Plains Migration. Sequential stills. Nebraska. 2014 
  • Seven Curses, performance/video/installation
    • 5th Annual Installation Invitational, St. Louis, MO 2012
    • 1st Annual St. Lou Fringe Festival, St. Louis, MO 2012
    • Chautauqua Art Lab, Mrs. MacCormick's Yard, St. Louis, MO 2012
    • The Factory, St. Louis, MO 2012
  • $3 Waterworks. Real-time video. Pulitzer Art Museum. St. Louis, MO. 2007
  • Boxing on the Southside. Video, photography. Mad Art Gallery. St. Louis, MO 2007
  • Ten Days With Asperger Boy. My Walk Home. Mad Art Gallery. St. Louis, MO 2007


  • Peking Through the Bamboo Shield. Handmade paper, photographs, poetry. 2002
  • The Conversation I and The Conversation II. Photo narrative. 2001
  • Memories of Mom and Dad by Charles Douglas-Book. 2000
  • Memories of Mom and Dad by Chalot Douglas-Book. 2000
  • Memories of Uncle Earl by Charles and Chalot Douglas-Book. 2000
  • Memories of a Small Town by Charles and Chalot Douglas-Book. 1999