Mrs. MacCORMICK'S Yard

Mrs. MacCORMICK'S Yard is a historic venue and collaborative work space in the heart of Benton Park. Works produced by artists in residence include performances, sculptures, installations, and fiber arts.

Artists in Residence


A conceptual folk artist, GINJU-AN works with found and easily accessible materials to produce thought-provoking installations, performance art, and experimental architecture. As a vehicle for collaborating with other artists, he founded GINJU-AN an artists cooperative, which maintains a number of resident and visiting artists.


Charles and Chalot Douglass-Book

Charles and Chalot are identical twins who, while homeless in 1999, began to produce installation and pasteup works. Maintaining regular paste-up exhibitions on a building at the corner of Crittenden Street and Jefferson Avenue, the twins developed a body of work entitled “The Anonymous Public Art Project.” As founding members of Artica, Charles and Chalot built primitive structures and published works while living at MRS. MacCORMICK'S YARD where they remain resident artists with GINJUAN-AN artists cooperative.

Texino Nutrino

Texino Nutrino is a railroad tagger identified by the “smoking cowboy” tag, which first surfaced in 1920 as Tex. In the late 1940’s, the smoking cowboy tag name was changed from Tex to Texino Neutrino as a nod to the beginning of the Atomic Age. As Texas railyard worker, Texino took custody of the smoking cowboy in 2006 as the third person in history to use the tag since its beginnings. Continuing the tradition of tagging as a form of social commentary, Texino spreads his influence through discreet and incognito methods. Texino is a GINJUAN-AN  resident artist.