She is a Cathedral


Beginning in June 2016...

Short from Harvesting Trees with a Clown

with the "Harvesting Trees with the Clown" (featuring Class Clown) performance and Video in which we harvested the cultivated trees that have made up the major component for the next four works:  ghosts from the lantern slides- St Lou Fringe 2016,  Quilt Rack- Artica 2016, and “She is a Cathedral with Nikki and Jean”- equinox at Artica.

"She Is A Cathedral (for Nikki and Jean)" is a wood, bamboo, and rope pavilion based on Nikki St. Phalle"s groundbreaking feminist work "She is a Cathedral". Highlighting textiles physical and contextual importance to society from grandma’s Quilts to the Cuna Indians socially charged Reversed applique.