The Family Plot by William Russell

Old Couple on the Road. He's seeing the family flinthill homestead. All cut sandstone and barn wood waiting to be harvested. The family plot, one last time before his turn comes. Worried, the older folk won't make it up the hill.

First One of the Day by William Russell

That was the magic moment I pulled up got out of the car walked over took picture and now they're gone. Back in there Heidihole. And now no wish.


PEACE or decadent orgies.

Just back in the car and drive the Flinthills

I Wish I Was Here by William Russell

I wish I was here during Highwater to see these low flat River Valleys fill with the spring rush. Covering the land depositing new rich soil on the black dirt black dirt farms.

Off to Highway 287 by William Russell

fine fine Praire Highway.    When I've never seen south of Wichita in the Rollinghills -////---

"The early energy men in it for family and fortune.   Make a living off the Prairie and help build the nation. From the time before we know the effects on the balance of wind and rain."

Big Cotton by William Russell

Big cotton big Cotton ship it on the railcar to St. Louis, Feed the fabric industries. Make the cloth make the dresses. That built The lofts that artist lived in

Driving the High Plains Drifter. by William Russell

Cowboys crossing the Canadian River,   dry and overgrown waiting for flood.

Settlers digging legs from Buffalo wallows in the first well to going and on the 6666 ranch.

The new tank farms with their moat to protect us from the spill.